The Board of Education shall exercise its rule-making power by adopting bylaws and policies for the operation of the organization and school district.


Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal

Bylaws and policies may be adopted, amended, and repealed at any meeting of the Board, provided the proposed adoption, amendment, or repeal has been proposed and approved at a previous meeting of the Board.

The Board may at its organization meeting and by a majority vote of those present and voting readopt existing bylaws and policies without prior notice.

The Board may, under emergency circumstances, suspend the operation of a bylaw or policy and adopt, amend, or repeal a bylaw or policy without prior notice.  The emergency adoption, amendment, or repeal of a bylaw or policy shall terminate at the next meeting of the Board or at such earlier date as may be specified by the Board unless further acted upon by the Board.

The adoption, amendment, repeal, or suspension of a bylaw or policy shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board.  Any policy or part of a policy that is superseded by a term in a negotiated agreement or by a subsequently adopted policy shall no longer be in force and effect as a policy.


Promulgation and Distribution

A manual of bylaws and policies shall be maintained.  A copy of the manual of bylaws and policies shall be given to each Board member, the Superintendent, the Board Secretary, the Board Attorney, each Building Principal, and other individuals designated by the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall institute a plan for the orderly promulgation of policies to staff members who are affected by them and shall provide staff members with access to an up-to-date manual of Board bylaws and policies.

Each copy of the manual of bylaws and policies shall be numbered; a record of the placement of each manual shall be maintained by the Superintendent or designee.  Copies of revised pages will be furnished to the holders of manuals as changes are made to bylaws and policies.  The holder of the policy manual shall return the manual to the Board Secretary upon the termination of his/her service to the district.

The manual of bylaws and policies shall be considered a public record open to inspection in the office of the Superintendent or designee.  The manual retained by the Superintendent or designee shall be considered the master copy of the policy manual and shall not be modified by any person other than the Superintendent or designee.


Development of Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws and policies will be developed and considered by the Board in accordance with the following procedure:

1. A new or revised bylaw or policy may be suggested to the Board by any Board member, the Superintendent, any staff member, or a member of the public;

2. A suggestion for a new or revised bylaw or policy may be referred, at the discretion of the President and as appropriate to the subject, to the Superintendent, a Board committee, or a public advisory committee for study and formulation of a recommendation to the Board.  Any study of a policy suggestion should consider whether the matter is adequately addressed in existing Board policy and whether the matter is more appropriately addressed by administrative regulation;

3. If a recommendation for a new or revised bylaw or policy results from referral for study, a proposed draft will be submitted to the Board for discussion and approval on first reading.  Copies of the proposed draft will be made available to staff members and the public, and comment will be invited.  Changes of the draft may be made, by a simple majority vote, when the draft is presented for approval on first reading;

4. The proposed draft, approved on first reading, will be submitted for adoption at the next regular meeting of the Board.  Changes in the draft may be made by a simple majority vote.  A change that alters the substantive meaning of the draft will constitute a new first reading, and the draft must be presented for adoption at the next succeeding Board meeting.  A change that is merely editorial may be followed by a vote to adopt the new or revised bylaw or policy on second reading.


N.J.S.A. 18A:11-1


Adopted:  April 2014