The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to provide for prompt and appropriate medical attention for pupils, staff members, or visitors who are injures or become ill on school premises or at school sponsored events.

Any injury or illness shall be reported immediately to the school nurse or, in the absence of the school nurse, the Building Principal, who will determine whether an emergency exists. Immediate steps may be taken as necessary to remove the injured or ill person from imminent danger and/or prevent exacerbation of the disability. Routine first aid will be administered by the school nurse as necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of the injured or ill person.

The parent (s) or legal guardian (s) of an injured or ill pupil and, if necessary, the family of an injured or ill staff member or adult visitor will be notified promptly and tactfully of the injury or illness. If the school nurse or school medical inspector or, in the absence of both, the Principal, determines the injured or ill person should be removed from school fro rest and/or treatment at home or for consultation with a private physician, the parent (s) or legal guardian (s), or family member shall be requested to provide transportation.

In a serious emergency requiring immediate medical attention, an ambulance may be summoned for transportation to a hospital.

The school medical inspector will prepare standing orders for the emergency treatment of injuries and disabilities for the school nurse to follow in event of an injured or ill pupil, staff member or visitor.

Injuries and disabilities that occur in the course of the athletic program are subject to the provisions of Policy No. 2431 and implementing regulations. Pupil disabilities attributable to substance abuse will handled in accordance with Policy No. 5530. Injuries that occur in the course of school bus transportation will be handled in accordance with regulations implementing Policy No. 8630.

N.J.S.C. 18A: 40-3

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Adopted: September 2005