A. Teachers’ Responsibilities

1. Teachers will exercise judgment in the entrustment of school property to pupils.

2. Teachers will impress upon all pupils the importance of the proper care of school property and instruct pupils in the proper use of school facilities, equipment, instructional materials, and textbooks.

3. Teachers will keep an accurate inventory of textbooks and other materials assigned to their classrooms.

B. General Rules Governing the Use of School Property

1. Pupils shall not deface the school building, furnishings, or equipment in any manner.

2. Pupils shall not use school furnishings or equipment for purposes other than those for which the furnishing or equipment was designed and intended.

3. Pupils will care for school textbooks in accordance with ,D.

C. Distribution and Collection of Textbooks and Materials

1. Each textbook will be stamped as the property of the Board of Education and marked with a number unique to that book.

2. A label will be affixed to the front of each textbook and will include:

a. The name of the Board of Education,

b. The name of the school,

c. The year in which the book was purchased, and

d. The number assigned to the book.

3. The following information will also be entered on the label each time the book is issued to a pupil:

a. The name of the pupil to whom the book is issued,

b. The date on which the book is issued to the pupil,

c. The condition of the book when it is issued, and

d. The condition of the book when it is returned.

4. Each classroom teacher will keep a permanent record of the textbooks used in his/her classroom. The record will include all the information listed in 1C2 and 1C3.

5. A lost textbook must be promptly reported to the teacher who issued the book. A replacement textbook will be issued immediately.

6. Textbooks will be collected and inspected before the end of the school year or marking period, as appropriate. Once inspected, a textbook will be returned to inventory until it is again distributed to a pupil.

7. Pupils must remove covers, loose papers, and markings before returning any textbook.

8. Fines will be assessed for lost and damaged textbooks in accordance with 1E.

D. Care of Textbooks by Pupils

1. Pupils shall take care not to lose or misplace a textbook or expose a textbook to conditions or circumstances likely to destroy, damage, or degrade it.

2. All textbooks that will be taken home by pupils must be protected with an appropriate cover to be supplied by the pupil.

3. Pupils should not:

a. Use pens, pencils, or other implements to mark a place in a textbook;

b. use a textbook to file bulky papers and notes;

c. Write in textbooks; or

d. Soil textbooks beyond normal use.

E. Fines and Penalties

1. Fines will be assessed as follows for any lost textbook or textbook damaged beyond normal wear.

Following is a list of book fines:
Lost book – New

Lost book – 1 year old

Lost book – over 1 year old

Writing on pages

Torn pages

Broken bindings

Bent corners

Paper books – New

– Used
Full price of book

Full price of book

Flat rate of $10.00

$1.50 for entire book

$2.50 for entire book

$5.00 for entire book

$2.00 for entire book

Original price

$2.00 for entire book

2. The teacher will inspect each textbook returned and will assess a fine for each lost or damaged book. The teacher will prepare a form in triplicate that includes:

a. The name and number of the textbook damaged or lost;

b. The name of the pupil;

c. The loss or damage to the textbook; and d. The amount of the fine.

3. In setting fines the teacher may take into account verified extenuating circumstances.

4. The pupil will take the form to the school office and make payment of the fine assessed. The school secretary will sign the form when payment is made.

5. Teachers will not collect fines.

6. Copies of the form will be distributed as follows:

a. The school secretary will retain one copy for office records.

b. The pupil will be given one copy as receipt for the fine.

c. The teacher will be given one copy as evidence that the fine has been paid.

7. A pupil who finds their lost textbook will be reimbursed any fine paid for the lost textbook but will be assessed a fine for any damage done to the book.

8. A pupil who has not paid a fine owed will not receive a diploma, transcript, transfer card, or report card until the fine has been duly paid and acknowledged. A high school senior who has unpaid fines may participate in the graduation ceremony but will receive a blank diploma.

9. If fines remain unpaid, the Principal may request payment from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), notify the pupil’s employer, or take such other steps as may be appropriate to ensure that moneys due the district are paid and that the importance of taking responsibility for the consequence of one’s acts is instilled.

Adopted: 21 April 2005