A. Appointment

In order to form the membership of advisory committees to the Board of Education, the President shall:

1. Appoint residents who are able and interested in the subject and concerned about the schools;

2. Appoint a chairperson;

3. Appoint himself/herself and the Superintendent as ex­ officio members of the committee;

4. Define the committee assignment in writing;

5. Appoint an administrator advisor.

B. Operation

1. All members of the committee, whether elected Board members, residents, or staff employees are intended to have the same rights, participation, and vote.

2. The chairperson shall call committee meetings, establish agenda, and provide liaison with staff where necessary.

3. It is expected that some committees will meet more often than others in accordance with a schedule determined by its membership.

4. Meetings of an advisory committee shall not be open to the public.

5. A committee chairperson may call a special meeting of his/her committee at any time with due consideration to applicable statutes, rules, and regulations.

C. Recommendations

1. Recommendations of advisory committees shall not reduce the responsibility of the Board, which shall be free to accept or reject the recommendations as it sees fit.

2. Members of committees who are not elected Board members may not make decisions nor bind the Board or the school district in matters that are reserved to Board members by law.

3. Matters concerned with individual school district employees or pupils are not appropriate matters for consideration by non-elected members of the committees, but the philosophy, goals, and objectives related to programs, organization, structure, resources, facilities, and finance are.

Issued: 21 April 2005