The Board of Education acknowledges the usefulness of a system of computing grade point averages and class ranking for secondary school graduates, both to inform pupils of their relative academic placement among their peers and to provide pupils, prospective employers, and institutions of higher learning with a predictive device so that each pupil is more likely to be placed in an environment conducive to success.

The Board authorizes a system of class ranking, by grade point average, for pupils in grades 9-12.

All pupils shall be ranked together.

Class rank will be calculated by the final grade in all subjects; except those subjects for which no credit is awarded, and will not include failing grades. Weighted credit will be calculated for grades earned in an honors course,. advanced placement courses, a course of independent study, and college preparatory classes. The class ranking of a pupil who has transferred to this district will include the grades earned in the regular program . of the prior school . Grades earned in private summer school programs will not be included in the calculation of class rank.

Any two or more pupils whose computed grade point averages are identical will be given the same rank. The rank of the pupil who immediately follows a tied position will be determined by the total number of all preceding pupils not by the rank of the immediately preceding pupil.

A pupil’ s grade point average and rank in class will be entered on the pupil’s record and will be subject to Board Policy No. 8330 on.the release of pupil records.

Adopted: 21 April 2005