The Board of Education shall approve, sponsor, and encourage student activities which serve to reflect student needs extending the school curriculum in a variety of co-curricular areas offering to widen, diversify, and enrich academic offerings and to encourage social growth, emotional maturity, and responsibility. These activities shall be appropriate to the age level and instructional configuration of the school district. Such activities shall include opportunities for special education students and gifted and talented students.

1. Primary School Student Activities

a. Informal activities These activities will be developed annually by faculty and administrators for the possible involvement of parent and community groups. such activities include: student assemblies, field trips, special field days, concerts, plays, etc.

b. Additional student activities shall be developed as appropriate to foster student interest in publications by the production of concerts; student interest in drama by play productions; student interest in various club areas, appropriate athletic activities (not on a formal or competitive basis, but on a voluntary basis when possible), for after school activities including a formally organized ski club with a faculty member or members serving as advisor.

2. Middle School Activities

a. Informal activities shall be developed in a similar fashion as specified under “1-a” above.

b. At the middle school more formalized programs shall be developed in the area of student clubs, student athletic intramural programs after school, including student ski club. These athletic activities are not to be involved with league or interscholastic programs, but are to be essentially motivational and exploratory, with eligibility rules and maintenance requirements for all such activities included in student, faculty, and parent handbooks.

3. High School Activities

a. Informal activities – The responsibility for the formulation of high school activities becomes a joint responsibility of students and faculty. Students may be involved in initiating and developing appropriate, informal activities on a year to year basis.

b. Formal activities

(1) Publications – newspaper, literary magazine, yearbook.

(2) Music, art, dance activities; including play production, concerts, art exhibits, fairs, etc.

(3) Academic clubs, societies, etc. including students specifically involved in a particular academic discipline such as forensics, sciences, civics, National Honor Society, DECA, etc.

(4) Student government organizations including student council, class organizations by grade level.

(5) Athletics

(a) Intramural Each season there shall be appropriate intramural activities after school including ski club and athletic activities of an interscholastic nature, reflecting athletics offered in interscholastic areas.

(b) Interscholastic athletics Annually students at Vernon Township High School may voluntarily participate in such interscholastic athletics as are offered through the Board of Education with appropriately employed coaches and approved interscholastic schedules. Such interscholastic competition shall conform to rules and regulations of N.J.S.I.A.A. and the league in which our high school has membership. This athletic program shall be under the coordination of the athletic director who Shall, at the close of each season, submit to the Building Principal an appropriate season report including activities, team records, number of participants, and further, records having to do with student safety, equipment security, etc.

c. For each high school student activity appropriate eligibility rules and operational rules are to be developed including matters of constitution for student organizations, procedures relative to health physicals, academic requirements, student behavior requirements, auditions, participation, etc. Such rules and regulations for each individual activity are to be reduced in writing and made fully available to all high school students and their parents with the Principal’s full knowledge and approval. Such rules and regulations are to be posted in areas appropriate to the student activity, i.e. student locker room, music room, etc., and to be included in any student, faculty, or parent handbooks.

4. General Requirements

a. It is to be clearly understood that all of the above activities are for the express purpose of expanding and enriching students’ opportunity in a school setting, but not to act in place of regular participation in curricular programs, unless part of an alternative program as specified by Board policies under independent studies or “Plan B” of the State Board of Education.

b. It is further specified that when student involvement in such activities violates established rules of that activity or school rules in the area of discipline or does not conform to academic course requirements, then participation in such activities shall be suspended. Such suspensions to be under the authority of the appropriate teacher, advisor, or coach, with the approval of the Building Principal or under the direct authority of the Building Principal.

c. Appeals in matters concerning student activities are to follow Board Policy for Resolving Student Complaints.

Adopted: 21 April 2005