The Board of Education may from time to time engage the services of one or more independent contractors to advise and assist the Board in analyzing school district operations and preparing Board reports when those tasks cannot be performed as economically by district staff members.

Wherever possible, the Board will seek proposals from multiple sources before a contract with an independent consultant is entered. The Board will not contract with a Board member or the spouse, child, parent(s) or legal guardian(s), or sibling, in fact or in law, of a Board member as an independent consultant.

The Board will engage the services of an independent consultant only by written contract, which must specify the work to be accomplished by the consultant, the time within which the work is to be completed, and the fee that will be paid the consultant. An independent consultant engaged by the Board is neither agent nor employee of the Board and may represent the Board only as expressly authorized to do so in writing.

An independent consultant may have access to such school facilities and school district employees as may be reasonably required in the performance of the consultant’s contract with the Board. Except as expressly permitted by the contract, any communication between the consultant and a district employee or community member regarding the work of the contract must be conducted through the Board or a designated school official.

Materials and reports generated and created by the independent consultant in the performance of his/her contract with the Board are and will remain the property of the Board and are subject to Board Policy No. 8310 on public records.

Adopted: 21 April 2005