A course guide will be prepared for each course of study to be taught in this district. Course guides should be planned and organized to provide sequential learning experiences in the grade levels concerned.

A. Preparation

1. The preparation of course guides is the responsibility of departmental supervisors at the secondary level and of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the elementary and secondary levels.

2. Course guides are best developed with the assistance of the teaching staff members who will use them. Accordingly, appropriate staff representatives will be appointed to committees to study, revise, and/or develop course guides.

B. Content

1. Content standards should be broad statements related to district educational goals and arising from the philosophy of the course.

2. Performance indicators should be specific statements of behavioral objectives, that is, the concepts, skills, attitudes, and appreciation’s to be achieved. The degree of specificity should be consistent with the nature of the course.

3. Teaching strategies should include, where appropriate, specific instructional methods/modalities, the time to be spent on tasks, recommended pupil activities, and resources.

4. Evaluation techniques should include such specific techniques as sample tests, suggested projects or performance outcomes, and individual study.

C. Implementation

Teachers will adhere to the content of course guides in accordance with Policy No. 2230.

Issued: 21 April 2005