The Principal will be responsible for carrying out the following procedures to prepare for and supervise each district and school event that will attract substantial numbers of the public to school premises.

A. Preparation

1. The Vernon Township Police Department will be notified of the date and time of the event and the anticipated public. The Principal will cooperate with the police department in planning adequate police protection for the event.

2. All necessary arrangements for traffic flow, parking, accommodations for visitors’ buses, and reservation of “no parking” areas will be made. Parking areas must be sufficient in size, well lighted, and adequately policed throughout the event.

3. The following persons will be assigned and trained as necessary for the event:

a. Game officials, scorers, and timers;

b. District employees, pupils, and/or volunteers to monitor the event and supervise spectators, each to be issued distinctive identification, such as badges or armbands;

c. Ticket takers, who may be directed to screen for troublemakers; and

d. An announcer, who should be impressed with the importance of his/her role in affecting and inspiring spectator behavior and the necessity for being neutral and respectful at all times.

4. The visiting school will be informed of directions to the event, seating, provisions for the athletes, parking, and security for the athletes’ possessions. District rules for spectators will be sent to the visiting school for review prior to the event.

5. Seating sections will be reserved for school bands, teams, cheerleaders, and special guests. Rival pupil groups should be separately accommodated in spectator areas, rest rooms, and concessions.

6. Rules for spectators’ conduct will be posted at the event and/or included in the program prepared for the event.

7. All appropriate persons should become familiar with Regulation No. 2431.1, Emergency Procedures for Athletic Competition. An ambulance and/or physician should to be present as required by the regulation.

8. Cheerleaders will be instructed to:

a. Keep cheering positively and not antagonistic, provocative, or suggestive;

b. Respect the cheers and efforts of visitors in a sportsmanlike manner;

c. Discourage booing and negative demonstrations by intercepting them with a positive cheer; and

d. Accept with responsibility their role in guiding spectator behavior.

9. Arrangements will be made for any communication system that may be necessary among officials, coaches, and administrators.

B. During the Event

1. Persons assigned to supervise spectators should be consulted frequently for problems before they worsen.

2. Lines of communication should be kept open.

3. Supervision will be provided during half-time or intermission periods.

4. Rules for spectator conduct (see, D) will be enforced.

C. After the Event

1. Spectators will be directed out of the facility in an orderly flow.

2. Supervision will be provided until all spectators have dispersed. No loitering will be permitted on school premises.

3. Visiting team members, rooters, cheerleaders, and band members will be assisted in their departure.

4. The Athletic Director will consult with representatives of the visiting team to ensure that all details have been settled.

D. Spectator Rules

All spectators at a school sponsored event are expected to know and observe the following rules. A spectator who violates any of these rules may be evicted from the event. Persistent disregard of these rules may cause a spectator to be barred from future events.

Spectators must:

1. Conduct themselves with decorum and with respect for the rights and property of others at all times, at the school event and while traveling to and from the school event;

2. Respect and obey those in authority–school officials and police–and the persons assigned by the school to act for those in authority;

3. Respect the efforts of the pupils involved in the event, for whom the event may mark the culmination of many hours of preparation and hard work;

4. Respect the seating arrangements provided by the school and remain seated in assigned seats during the event;

5. Respond enthusiastically to pupil efforts and accomplishments by cheering and applauding and refrain from boos, disrespectful remarks, and other loud negative expressions;

6. Stay off the stage, arena, or athletic playing area on which pupils are performing or competing;

7. Respect the property of the school by causing no litter and leaving the premises as clean as they were found; make proper use of lavatory facilities and food and drink concessions;

8. Not bring and/or consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics or drugs of any kind on school premises and stay away from school premises if under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

9. Use no tobacco product in a school building or in any place on school premises;

10. Park as directed, obey traffic rules, and drive with extreme care on school property; and

11. Out of concern for the comfort and safety of all spectators and respect for the efforts of performing or competing pupils, report any violation of these ru1es to a person in authority.

Issued: 21 April 2005