A. Definition

“Instructional property” means textbooks as defined in Policy No. 2510 and resource materials as defined in Policy No. 2530, excluding textbooks and resource materials purchased with federal funds.

B. Review

1. The School Business Administrator/Board Secretary shall appoint committees comprised of teachers, administrators, and librarians, as appropriate to the grade level and subject matter to assess periodically the continuing usefulness of instructional property in the school or program.

2. The committees will recommend for removal or replacement instructional property that:

a. Is so worn and/or damaged as to preclude effective use and economical repair or restoration,

b. Is so outdated as to no longer serve as worthy instructional tools,

c. Violates federal, state, or district affirmative action standards for nondiscriminatory materials, pursuant to Policy No. 2260, or

d. Although still useful, has been superseded by superior replacement materials.

3. The School Business Administrator/Board Secretary will receive and review the committee’s recommended list of textbooks and materials approved for disposal and it will be sent to the Superintendent.

4. Approval by the Board of Education is required for disposing of instructional property. Any such recommendation must comply with Policy Nos. 2530 and 9130, which require that the reason for disposal accompany the recommendation. No material may be removed and disposed of solely because it presents ideas that may be unpopular or offensive to some.

C. Disposal

1. Instructional property approved for disposal will be offered at no cost to any educational institution, public or private, willing to accept the property and pay the costs of packing and delivery.

2. Any remaining instructional property will be offered for sale to pupils, parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and community residents. Prices will reflect the reduced value of the property to the district by covering only the cost to the district of conducting the sale.

3. Any property remaining after offer of sale has been made will be donated to the parent-teacher organization or other community organization for sale in a book fair.

4. Any property remaining after offer of sale and donation has been made will be sold for scrap or, if unsalable, offered for recycle.

Adopted: April 2005

Revised: January 2015