A. Definition

“Independent publications” are written or printed cards, letters, circulars, books, pamphlets, notices, newspapers, and other documents prepared and distributed by pupils, independent of any curricular or co-curricular activity sponsored by the Board of Education.

B. Distribution

1. Independent publications may be distributed on school premises only by the pupils enrolled in that school.

2. Distribution may be conducted during periods of time when the activity will not interrupt the instructional program or interfere with an exercise necessary for pupil safety, such as a fire drill.

3 . Distribution may be conducted in places in which the activity will not obstruct the passage of persons, cause a safety hazard, or interfere with the orderly operation of the school.

4. The Principal will establish, in consultation with recognized pupil organizations, rules setting specific times and places for the distribution of independent publications on the school premises.

C. Littering

1. Distribution will be conducted in a manner that reduces the possibility of litter.

2. Pupils who distribute independent publications are responsible for policing the area in which the distribution takes place and assuring that all litter is promptly removed.

D. Enforcement

1. The Principal will enforce these regulations and will determine whether distribution violates the standards set forth in B2 and B3.

2. A decision of the Principal may be appealed to the Superintendent.

Issued: 21 April 2005