The following dress code has been developed in accordance with Policy No. 5511 and in consultation with staff members, parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and pupils of this district.

A. General Rules

1. Pupils are expected to be clean and well groomed in their appearance.

2. Pupils are expected to avoid extremes in appearance that are so disruptive or distracting that the reaction of other pupils is beyond normal control.

3. Dress or grooming that jeopardizes the health or safety of the pupil or of other pupils or is injurious to school property will not be tolerated.

B. Prohibited Clothing and Articles

The following garments and articles are prohibited in school and at school-sponsored indoor events:

1. Extremely low-cut, tight fitting or transparent clothes, bare midriffs, and suggestive clothing;

2. Skirts, dresses, and pants that end higher than mid­ thigh;

3. Outdoor jackets, coats, or hats except when entering or leaving the building and when there is a defect in the heating system;

5. Bare feet, unsafe footwear, cleated shoes, and footwear intended for the beach;

6. Patches and decorations that are offensive or obscene;

7. Undershirts (underwear) worn without an outer shirt;

8. In the classroom, clothing required for physical education classes;

9. Clothing that is overly soiled, torn, worn, or defaced;

10. Nonprescription sunglasses, glazed, and tinted glasses, except as prescribed by the pupil’s doctor;

11. Portable audio or video devices;

12. Beepers and other summoning devices, except as permitted in Policy No. 2360;

13. Clothing, apparel and/or accessories which indicate affiliation with any gang associated with criminal activity or have references to alcohol or tobacco;

14. Clothing containing profanity or sexual references or innuendoes;

15. Clothing which includes racial or ethnic violence; and

16. Hats, hoods, visors, headbands and other headgear.

C. Physical Education

1. Pupils shall wear the designated gym suit, which is available for purchase through the school store and/or office.

2. In lieu of the approved gym suit, pupils may wear:

a. Athletic type boxer shorts without pockets or fringes and marked on the outside of the lower right leg with the pupil’s first initial and last name.

b. Plain t-shirt marked on the outside of the right shoulder with the pupil’s first initial and last name.

c. A sweatshirt for outdoor activities in cool weather.

3. Boys are required to wear an athletic supporter.

4. Snug belts, cut-offs, jeans, loose jewelry, and dirty or torn clothing and accessories are prohibited.

5 . Pupils must wear sneakers or rubber-soled athletic shoes; slip-on shoes, hard-soled shoes, and bare feet are prohibited in gym class.

6. Pupils are required to shower after a gym class that involves strenuous physical activity.

D. Enforcement

1. Teaching staff members will report perceived violations of the dress code to the Building Principal, who will interpret and apply the code.

2. Pupils who publicly represent the school or a school organization at an activity away from the school district are required to dress in full accordance with the reasonable expectations of the staff member in charge of the activity. Pupils unwilling to comply with this requirement will disqualify themselves from participation.

3. Pupils will not be permitted to attend a school-related function, such as a field trip, after-school activity unless they are attired and groomed in accordance with this dress code.

4. The Principal may waive application of the dress code on a day especially scheduled for pupils’ free expression in dress and grooming.

5. A pupil whose dress or grooming has been found by the Principal to violate this regulation may appeal the Principal’s determination to the Superintendent, whose decision will be final.

Issued: 21 April 2005