The Board of Education recognizes the importance of employee evaluations in the reinforcement of performance strengths and the remediation of weaknesses.

The Superintendent shall develop a plan for the evaluation of support staff members. He/She shall invite the participation of employees in the development of the plan and shall assess and modify the plan as necessary.

Employees shall be grouped into position classifications based upon similarities of duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. The evaluation process shall be similar for all employees in a single classification.

The evaluation process shall provide for the recognition and commendation of effective performance, the identification and remediation of performance deficiencies, and the recommendation of discipline or dismissal when an employee fails to improve his/her performance. Evaluation procedures shall provide that each employee is informed of the specific objectives of his/her position and the standards that will be used to assess the employee’s performance against those objectives. Employees will be evaluated by qualified supervisors; probationary employees will be evaluated every month and permanent employees will be evaluated annually. Any records created in the evaluation process will become part of the employee’s file and subject to Board policy on personnel records.

Adopted: 21 April 2005