The Superintendent will evaluate the performance of the School Business Administrator, tenured or nontenured, in order to assist both the Board and the School Business Administrator in the proper discharge of their responsibilities and to provide the district with efficient and effective services.

The evaluation of the School Business Administrator will consist of an assessment, by the Superintendent, of the School Business Administrator’s performance of the duties specified in the job description approved by the Board.  Reference will be made to the report of the auditor.  The Superintendent may, in his/her discretion, consult with staff members assigned to work with the School Business Administrator.

The Board and the Superintendent will annually establish procedures for the evaluation of the School Business Administrator.  Such procedures may include, but need not be limited to, an informal conference with the School Business Administrator for the purpose of discussing his/her job performance, a written evaluation report to which the School Business Administrator may add comments, and the establishment of a written plan for performance improvement and growth.  The School Business Administrator will be evaluated by the Superintendent no later than April 30th.



Adopted:  May 2014