The observation and evaluation of tenured administrators will be conducted by appropriate administrative staff members. Evaluation will be conducted in accordance with the following procedures.

A. Evaluation Criteria

1. Evaluation criteria for each administrative position will derive from the job description for the position and will relate directly to each of the tasks described. Wherever possible each set of evaluation criteria will be:

a. Briefly stated and focused on major criteria of the position,

b. Based on observable information rather than on factors requiring subjective judgment,

c. Generic, covering a number of specific positions, and

d. Written in the same format and in a direct, simple style.

2. Maintenance of administrative job evaluation criteria will be the responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Policy. Evaluation criteria will be reviewed annually, and

a. Whenever the corresponding job description is revised, or

b. On the request of a single job holder.

3. Each tenured administrator will be sent a copy of the current evaluation criteria for his/her position annually by the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Policy. Any revisions will be provided to each holder of that job within ten working days of its adoption. Suggested revisions to evaluation criteria by job holders will be referred initially to the job holder’s immediate supervisor for review.

B. Collection of Evaluation Data

Data will be gathered any one or more of the following evaluation methods:

1. Direct observation of the administrator in the course of performing an assigned duty;

2. Review of a product from the administrator that results from the performance of his/her assigned duties;

3. Interviews of the administrator regarding his/her knowledge of assigned duties;

4. Paper and pencil instruments (such as competency tests, pupil surveys, and the like);

5. Audio-visual monitoring of the administrator in the performance of his/her assigned duties; and

6. Reference to previous performance reports.

C. Observations

1. Tenured administrators will be evaluated at least once during each school year.

2. The evaluator shall confer with the administrator at the beginning of each school year. They shall together determine the job performance that will be observed. The observation period will occupy not less than one hour’s time.

3. Each observation will be recorded on a separate form and a copy sent to the tenured administrator within seventy-two hours prior to the observation conference.

D. Evaluations

1. A written evaluation of each tenured administrator in the performance of his/her duties will be prepared within fifteen calendar days of the observation.

2. In addition to the evaluation following each observation or period of observation, the evaluator shall prepare a written evaluation of each tenured administrator’s total performance as an employee of the school district. This evaluation will be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Policy sufficiently in advance of the conference to enable the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Policy or the Superintendent to amend it. It will be appended to the evaluation based on performance observation and will be presented to the administrator at the conference.

E. Post Observation Conferences

1. No later than fifteen days after the observation, the administrator and the evaluating supervisor shall hold a conference to discuss the evaluation reports prepared in accordance with ,D1 and ,D2 above.

2. The post observation conference will be conducted for the purpose of confirming the accuracy of the material collected, providing a forum for feedback, and providing assistance to the administrator whenever the need for such aid is indicated. In addition, the evaluator must point up the effects of the observation (if any) on the administrator’s annual evaluation. Sufficient time should be scheduled for a full discussion of the issues involved.

3. Two copies of the written evaluation will be prepared and both the supervisor and the tenured administrator shall sign each copy and retain one copy.

4. If the tenured administrator so wishes, he/she may prepare a written disclaimer to the evaluation. Any disclaimer will be appended to the evaluation, provided it is received not more than ten calendar days after the conference.

5. Each observation report will be filed in the administrator’s personnel file. A copy will be provided to the administrator within three working days of the conference.

F. Annual Performance Conference and Report

1. An annual performance conference will be held with each tenured administrator by the evaluator who prepared the annual performance report (whenever possible) before the administrator’s annual performance report is filed.

2. The annual performance conference will include a review of the:

a. Administrator’s performance based upon his/her job description,

b. Administrator’s progress toward the objectives of his/her Individual Performance Improvement Plan developed at the previous annual conference (if applicable), and

c. Available indicators of pupil progress and growth toward their program objectives (if applicable).

3. The purpose of the annual performance conference is to provide for a total review of the year’s work, to identify strategies for improvement where necessary, and to recognize achievement and good practice. Adequate time should be allotted for the conference in order to cover the required topics of discussion and to permit a full exploration of the possible solutions to any problems identified.

4. The annual performance report will be signed by the evaluator at the time of the conference and by the tenured administrator within five working days of the conference. The signature of the administrator will not necessarily be construed to indicate assent with the report.

5. The administrator shall have up to ten working days following the conference to add material to the report not included by the evaluator.

6. Each annual performance report shall be filed in the administrator’s personnel file. A copy will be provided to the staff member within three working days of the conference.

G. Review of Pupil Progress and Growth

1. A review will be conducted, at least annually, of pupil progress and growth in each class, for the purpose of determining whether or not changes in the performance of the administrator or in the program would lead to improved results by the pupils during the subsequent school year.

2. The review of pupil progress and growth will be made by an evaluator who is familiar with the pupils involved and the school context against indicators previously determined by the administrator and agreed upon by Superintendent.

3. A summary of the pupil progress and growth data and its implications will be placed in the administrator’s annual performance report. If applicable, the pupil progress and growth report will be one measure of the administrator’s annual performance evaluation.

4. If the review of the pupil data reveals that pupils have not made the progress expected, the supervisor and administrator shall jointly determine what changes should be made to improve pupil performance. Any such changes are subject to approval of the Superintendent before being implemented.

H. Individual Performance Improvement Plan

1. An Individual Performance Improvement Plan will be prepared annually for each tenured administrator to correct deficiencies and to continue professional growth. The plan will derive from the applicable evaluation criteria and focus on the most important areas of professional growth for each administrator as determined from weaknesses identified in his/her evaluation.

2. The Performance Improvement Plan will be prepared in cooperation with the administrator whenever possible and will include:

a. Areas of required growth,

b. Methods of achieving that growth,

c. A schedule for implementation of those methods, and

d. The responsibility of the administrator and the district for implementing the plan.

3. At the time the Performance Improvement Plan is prepared, a review will also be made of the administrator’s efforts to achieve the prior year’s plan.

4. Copies of the Individual Performance Improvement Plan will be placed in the administrator’s annual performance report and given to the administrator. The degree to which the administrator achieved the requirements of the previous plan will be a measure of his/her annual performance evaluation.

5 . It is the duty of the administrator to implement the plan as prepared;. his/her failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including certification of charges.

Adopted: 21 April 2005