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Examination for Cause

Oct 14





The Board of Education may, in accordance with law, require the psychiatric or physical examination of any support staff member who shows evidence of deviation from normal physical or mental health.


The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board the examination of any support staff member whose physical or mental condition so departs from normal health as to adversely affect the performance of the member’s duties.  Any such recommendation must be accompanied by competent evidence.  If the Board determines that deviation from normal health has been demonstrated, it may require that the member submit to a physical or mental examination.


A requirement for physical or mental examination shall be made known to the employee by written notice setting forth the nature of the examination required, the reasons for the requirement, and a statement offering the member the opportunity to appear before the Board to explain or refute those reasons, provided any such hearing is requested in writing within three working days of the receipt of the notice.


A support staff member who fails to request an appearance before the Board within the time permitted or, having appeared before the Board, fails to persuade the Board that he/she should not be required to submit to the required examination shall be ordered to submit to an appropriate examination by a physician or institution designated by the Board and at the Board’s expense.


The support staff member may, at his/her option, submit names of physicians or institutions to the Board for consideration to complete the appropriate examination(s).  The Board is not required to designate a physician or institution submitted for consideration by the support staff member, but the Board will not act unreasonably in withholding its approval of a physician or institution submitted by a support staff member.  The cost of the examination will be borne by the Board if the Board designates a physician or institution from the names submitted from the support staff member.




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Examination for Cause



If the support staff member’s request is denied, or if the support staff member does not request the Board to consider a physician or institution, the staff member may elect to submit to an appropriate examination conducted by a physician or institution of the support staff member’s own choosing and at his/her expense, provided the physician or institution so chosen is approved by the Board, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:16-3, and is authorized and directed by the member to report the results of the examination to the Board.


If the results of the examination show mental abnormality or communicable disease, the support staff member shall be placed on sick leave and compensated in accordance with his/her sick leave entitlement, if any, until proof of recovery, satisfactory to the Board, is furnished.  No leave of absence granted under this policy shall exceed the term of the contract of a nontenured support staff member or a period of two years in the case of a tenured support staff member.


A support staff member who refuses to submit to the examination required by the Board and has exhausted the hearing procedures established by law and this policy shall be subject to discipline, which may include the certification of tenure charges to the Commissioner of Education.


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Revised:  October 2014