A school district with three or more district buildings shall have an automated work order system by July 1, 2009 for prioritizing, performing and recording all maintenance and repair requests for all district buildings and grounds.

A. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For Work Order System

1. The Superintendent or designee shall establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the approval and prioritization of work order requests which take into account the health and safety of building occupants, priorities and objectives established annually to carryout the district Strategic Plan, the need for the work requested, and other factors the district deems appropriate.

2. Except in an emergency where the work is necessary to correct a situation that poses an imminent threat to the health or safety of pupils and/or staff, the work order system shall include the following information for a request for work before work begins:

a. The name of the person making the request;

b. The date of the request;

c. The appropriate approval(s) as established by SOP;

d. The date of approval(s);

e. The location of work requested;

f. The priority level (for example, urgent, high, average, low);

g. The scheduled date(s) of service;

h. The trade(s) needed such as general maintenance worker, custodian, carpenter, plumber, electrician, HVAC, grounds, roofer, masonry, glazer, other;

i. A description of the work requested;

j. A projection of the materials and supplies needed for the work;

k. The estimated man hours needed to complete task;

l. The name of the work order assigner; and

m. The name of the employee(s) working on the order.

3. The work order system shall include the following close-out information for each request for work:

a. The actual hours worked by date for each assigned staff member;

b. The actual hourly rate paid, both regular and over-time, for each assigned staff member;

c. The aggregate cost of labor by regular, over-time and total;

d. The actual materials and supplies needed to complete the work order;

e. Actual cost of materials and supplies; and

f. The name of the employee responsible for attesting that the job was completed satisfactorily.

4. Except where prohibited by a collective bargaining agreement, the SOP shall require for any work, which cannot be completed during regular working hours by the needed completion date, an assessment of the cost-benefit of outsourcing any such work in excess of the quote threshold as determined under N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-37.

5. Where, according to the assessment, the cost of outsourcing work is less than the in-house estimated cost of labor, at over-time rates, and materials for the same work, the work shall be outsourced provided the work can be contracted in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-1 et seq., completed by the projected completion date contained in the prioritized work order system and does not violate the terms of a collective bargaining agreement for maintenance workers and/or custodians.

6. The School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, in consultation with the supervisor responsible for this work, shall conduct an analysis of the information in the work order system no later than February 1 of the prebudget year for consideration during budget preparation. The analysis should include productivity of staff as a whole and individually, significant variations between estimated labor time and materials and actual labor time and materials, unusual trends for like projects and other factors that will improve productivity and efficiency.

Adopted: 21 April 2005

Revised: September 2008