A. Definitions

1. “Gift” means a donation of any property, real or personal, including cash, to the school district, to any individual school or class, or to any school program.

2. “Donor” means any individual or organization that offers a gift.

B. Gift Proposals

1. A gift proposal may be made to a Principal or administrator. When a gift is proposed to any staff member, the donor shall be referred to the Principal or administrator.

2. The Principal or administrator shall prepare and submit to the Superintendent a property donation form for any gift that cannot be accepted directly in accordance with C1. The form will include:

a. The name and address of the donor;

b. A description of the proposed gift;

c. The class, school, and/or program to which the donation is made;

d. The proposed use of the gift and its relation to the curriculum;

e. The proposed location of the gift;

f. The cost to the district, if any, for moving, installation, and maintaining the gift; and

g. The donor’s intention, if any, that the gift be a memorial.

3. A donor who proposes a gift of funds up to $1,000 in amount will be invited by the appropriate Principal or administrator to discuss the dedication of the funds to a purchase that will enrich the school program. The donor will be encouraged to fund purchases not likely to be made with public funds.

4. Any proposed donation of funds $1,000 or more will be referred to the Superintendent, who will invite the donor to confer with him/her on the dedication of the funds.

5. Principals and administrators are encouraged to keep a list of appropriate gifts as an aid to individuals and organizations seeking gift opportunities.

C. Acceptance of Gifts

1. The Principal of the school or the administrator of the program in which a proposed gift is to be used may accept the gift directly, provided its value does not exceed $1,000. Any such directly accepted gift must meet district standards for health and safety and must be promptly reported to the Superintendent.

2. The Superintendent may accept gifts of funds or property. All gifts accepted by the Superintendent will be reported to the Board.

3. All gifts of value greater than $1,000 can be accepted only by resolution of the Board duly convened.

4. The staff members who would be professionally involved in the use of the gift will be consulted on its suitability in the educational program.

5. A gift of property may be submitted for professional assessment and evaluation before it is accepted, in order to determine the Board’s potential liability for installation, maintenance, and/or repair.

6. The district purchasing officer will be consulted as to whether a proposed gift meets necessary district specifications. A gift that does not meet district health and safety standards will not be accepted.

7. A gift of money, whether or not it is dedicated to a specific purpose, will be accepted into the general account of the district. Any purchases made with the gift are subject to applicable state law and Board policy on advertising for bids and purchasing generally.

8. The donor of any accepted gift of property or cash will be notified in writing of the acceptance of the gift, the value of the gift in dollar amount, and the val.ue of the gift to the educational program of the district.

9. A gift intended as a memorial will be fittingly recognized by means (such as a plaque or ceremony) approved by the donor and the Board.

10. Capital property accepted as a gift shall be insured for its replacement value.

Issued: 21 April 2005