The Board of Education encourages and will accept funding from private sources, in accordance with Policy No. 6160. The following regulations govern the development and processing of private funding proposals.

A. Sources

1. The Superintendent shall research sources of private funding through individuals and foundations. He/She shall prepare a list of appropriate funding sources in the community and state.

2. All school district employees are encouraged to be alert to possibilities for private resources for school aid, financial and in-kind, from community members and organizations. Any such possibility should be reported to the Superintendent, who will explore the potential for aid with the employee and, as appropriate, the private resource.

3. The Superintendent will visit the directors of foundations interested in educational progress and research to explore areas of mutual interest. He/She will determine whether the foundation will support specific program grants, graduate work for teaching staff members, the construction and/or improvement of school facilities, professional growth activities, arts education, community education, community and school liaison activities, and so forth.

4. The Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, will identify specific district needs and formulate proposals for funding that meet those needs.

B. Approval

Any proposal for private funding must be submitted to the Superintendent before it is formally submitted to the Board of Education for approval. The rationale for the proposal must set forth the objectives for the funding, the proposed program statement, and the means by which the objectives will be evaluated.

Issued: 21 April 2005