The Board of Education requires that a planned program of guidance and counseling be an integral part of the educational program of the schools to assist students in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices including academic, career and personal/social development.


A program of guidance and counseling, including developmental career guidance and exploration, shall be offered to all students in this school district and shall involve the coordinated efforts of all teaching staff members under the leadership of certified guidance and counseling personnel.


The Superintendent is directed to implement a guidance program that carries out the purposes of this policy and:


  1. Involves teaching staff members at all appropriate levels;


  1. Honors the individuality of each student;


  1. Is integrated with the total educational program;


  1. Is coordinated with available resources of the community;


  1. Provides for cooperation of school staff with parent and shares parents’ concern for the development of their children;


  1. Provides for the means of sharing information among appropriate staff members in the student’s interest;

7. Is available equitably to all students and prohibits biased counseling and the use of materials that discriminate among students on the basis of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectational or sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, or disability; and

  1. Establishes a referral system that utilizes all the aid the schools and community offer, guards the privacy of the student, and monitors the efficacy of such referrals.


N.J.A.C. 6A:19-1.2; 6A:8-2.2

N.J.A.C. 6A:7-1.7; 6A:8-3.2


Adopted:  December 2016