A. Counseling Services

1. The purpose of guidance and counseling services is to assist pupils in self-examination, self-evaluation, and analysis of alternatives so that each pupil can benefit most fully from his/her education and life experiences.

2. Counseling services will include:

a. Career awareness and exploration, and academic planning through consideration of personal interests, past and potential performance, and present opportunities,

b. Personal/social development including adjustment to situational problems, understanding of the consequences of personal behavior, and referral to assistance where appropriate, and

c. Crisis counseling to assist pupils undergoing extreme emotional reactions that disrupt immediate functioning, including post-crisis planning and referral for treatment as necessary.

3. All counseling services shall be free of bias on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectational or sexual orientation or sex, social or economic status, or disability.

B. Career Awareness and Exploration

In fulfillment of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, the school district shall provide a comprehensive program of guidance and counseling to facilitate career awareness and exploration for all pupils which shall be designed to:

1. Assist pupils in making informed educational and occupational choices;

2. Encourage pupils to maintain portfolios consisting of accomplishments related to the Cross Content Workplace Readiness Standards;

3. Develop pupil competency in self-management, educational and occupational exploration and career planning;

4. Make pupils aware of . the relationship among personal qualities, education, training and the world of work; and

5. Acquaint pupils with the relationship between achieving academic standards and the attainment of career goals.

C. Consulting Services

1. The purpose of consulting services is the improvement of the instructional program and the delivery of educational services by the collaboration of those sta.ff members responsible for the instructional program and the development of individual pupils.

2. Consulting services will include:

a. Identification of the needs of pupils,

b. Identification, evaluation, and program implementation of pupils with special needs,

c. Development and implementation of preventive and supportive programs to address such problems as pupil attendance, violence, and suicide,

d. Alerting professional staff to the purposes, functions, and availability of guidance and counseling services,

e. Encouragement of cooperation among teaching staff members and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in resolving individual pupil problems and addressing pupil needs,

f. Establishment and maintenance of fruitful relationships with state and local agencies for the purpose of professional referral and the sharing of experiences,

g. Cooperation with business and industry to facilitate pupil job placement and vocational training, and

h. Maintenance of a library of occupational and educational information.

D. Evaluation

The program of guidance and counseling will be reviewed annually to determine its strengths and weaknesses. The following information may be gathered and analyzed in that review:

1. Annual record of graduate placements in post-secondary situations;

2. Assessments of past graduates as to the effectiveness of guidance services received in the high school;

3. Results of surveys of parent{s) or legal guardian(s) and staff evaluations of guidance services;

4. Analysis of the efficacy of outside referrals;

5. Assessments by persons not employed in the school district and expert in the field of guidance and counseling; and

6. The personal evaluations of the guidance and counseling staff members to identify weaknesses in the administration of the program.

Issued: 21 April 2005