A transcript is defined as a document for all high school pupils exiting the school district that describes a pupil’s progress toward achievement of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and other relevant experiences and achievements.

Transcripts for pupils entering ninth grade or pupils planning to graduate from an adult high school in the 2003-04 and following academic years shall contain the following:

1. Applicable state assessments;

2. Applicable English Language assessments;

3. Other evidence of pupil achievement;

4. Evidence of instructional experience and performance in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards;

5. Evidence of employability skills and work habits, including punctuality, attendance and teamwork;

6. Any structured learning experiences;

7. Any employer/industry certification tests limited to industry based standards;

8. Other information approved by the Board of Education. Pupil transcripts shall be transmitted within ten calendar days of the time any pupil transfers to another school district or institution.

Issued: 21 April 2005