The Board of Education believes that the continuing improvement of the professional skills of teaching staff members is essential to the provision of a thorough and efficient system of education. The Board accepts the responsibility for providing training for staff members in order to encourage and foster their professional growth and improve the instructional and support services of this district. Staff training shall include district-wide and school-wide programs as well as individual personal improvement programs.

The Superintendent shall plan and present to the Board a program of in-service training that is consistent with the assessed needs and goals of the district. The in-service training program will be developed in consultation with appropriate teaching staff members and shall include the demonstrable results by which the effectiveness of the program· will be evaluated.

The Superintendent shall report periodically to the Board on the conduct of the in-service training program and the results of its evaluation.

N.J.A.C. 6:8-2.8(a)4

Adopted: 21 April 2005