The Board of Education will appoint, by the affirmative votes.of a majority of the members of the full Board, and fix the compensation of an Acting Superintendent to serve when the Superintendent is so incapacitated as to render him/her unable to perform the duties of the office of Superintendent.

The Superintendent will be deemed to be incapacitated when:

1. The Superintendent is absent on disability leave of a projected duration of one hundred eighty days or more; or

2. The Superintendent is certified incapacitated by a physician in accordance with Board Policy No. 3161; or

3. The Superintendent has been suspended with pay; or

4. The Superintendent has been suspended without pay pending the resolution of tenure charges.

The Acting Superintendent shall discharge the duties of the office until the Superintendent returns, resigns, or is removed from the position. The acts of the Acting Superintendent shall be legal and binding as if done by the Superintendent. The Acting Superintendent shall not acquire tenure in the position of Superintendent.

N.J.S.A. 18A:16-1.1; 18A:17-15

Adopted: 21 April 2005