A. Definition

“Supplies” are the consumable materials distributed to teachers and pupils for the implementation of the instructional program. “Supplies” include, but are not necessarily limited to, paper, pencils, chalk, erasers, paste, clay, artistic materials, craft paper, markers, string, adhesive tape, scissors, soap, and the like.

B. Supply Procedures

1. Supplies will be kept in a supply closet or room in each school building. The Principal will be responsible for the content and inventory of the supply closet.

2. Each teacher will request supplies each week by submitting a written request to the Principal. The teacher should request a sufficient quantity of supplies to satisfy the needs of his/her class for at least one week.

3. The teacher’s request will be recorded in the school office.

4. The Principal will invite all teaching staff members to suggest additional supplies and/or replacements for the supplies currently used.

C. Cost of Supplies

Supplies will be made available without charge to all pupils, except in the following circumstances:

1. Where non-reusable clothing or personal equipment, such as gym outfits, is required for reason of safety, health, or the protection of school property, pupils will be requested to provide their own clothing or equipment. The Principal may require that such clothing or equipment meet school standards (other than color or style) and may recommend a suitable commercial source for the clothing or equipment.

2. Where a pupil enrolled in a class or activity in which a product is made, such as wood shop or home economics, chooses to prepare and keep a useful item, the pupil may be required to pay the costs of the materials used. Pupils shall always be given the option of preparing an item for use by the school, for which no charge will be made. Any charge made under this regulation will be presented in writing by the teacher with a copy to the Principal, and the moneys collected will be deposited with the school office.

3. Pupils may be required to provide supplies for their participation in co-curricular activities.

4. A pupil who is eligible for free and reduced rate meals will not be required to pay for any supplies, including those exempted from free distribution in ,Dl, 2, and 3 above.

5. Teachers are advised to report to the Principal any pupil who is unable to pay for the supplies listed above.

Issued: 21 April 2005