A. A job description shall be prepared for each job position in the district, including all administrative, educational specialist, instructional, and support staff positions.

B. Each job description must include:

1. The goals of the position as they relate to district goals;
2. The qualifications of the position holder including the certificate and endorsement required for the position and such other prerequisites for employment as the possession of a license to operate a vehicle or machine;
3. The functions, duties, and responsibilities of the position;
4. The extent and limits of the position holder’s authority; and
5. The working relationships of the position within and outside the school district.

C. Each job description will:

1. Be written in clear language that briefly describes the major functions of the position;
2. Whenever possible, be generic in form, covering a number of specific positions;
3. Be written in the same format, using the active and present tense, operational verbs, common terminology, and a direct simple style; and
4. Be gender neutral or employ both male and female pronouns.

D. Maintenance of district job descriptions shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or his/her designee. Job descriptions shall be reviewed on request of the majority of persons in positions covered by the job description.

E. Any revision of a job description shall be provided to each holder of a position covered by the job description within ten working days of its approval.

F. Suggested revisions to job descriptions by a job holder shall be referred initially to the job holder’s immediate supervisor.

Issued: 21 April 2005