The Board of Education will indemnify all full-time employees against loss of pay incurred by a call to jury duty. No employee will be penalized in any way for an absence caused by service on a panel of grand or petit jurors. The time any such employee is absent will not be charged against personal leave and will count toward district service.

A full-time employee who is absent from their school district duties while on jury duty for any court of New Jersey, any court of any other State, any federal district court, or in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey will receive their usual compensation from the school district for each day the support staff member is present for jury duty. In the event there is any jury duty compensation, excluding mileage and lodging, paid to the employee for their time on jury duty the employee will entitled to keep the jury duty compensation paid to him/her in addition to their school district paid usual compensation.

An employee summoned to jury duty shall promptly report the summons to his/her immediate supervisor.

On return from jury duty, the employee must submit to his/her immediate supervisor a court record of the number of days served on jury duty.

While on jury duty, an employee must report daily to his/her supervisor the schedule for the following day and must report to work when he/she is excused from jury duty for half a day or more or suffer loss of pay.

N.J.S.A. 2B:20-1 et seq.; 2B:20-16

Adopted: 20 November 2003