The Board of Education shall provide the support staff necessary for the operation of the district in a manner that is efficient and economical.

The Board reserves the right to abolish support staff positions and reduce district staff commensurately whenever reasons of economy, reorganization of the school district, reduction in the number of pupils, or other good cause so warrant. The Superintendent shall continually review the efficiency and effectiveness of district organization and recommend to the Board the creation and abolishment of support staff positions and the reallocation of duties and positions.

When it becomes necessary to reduce in force support staff, the board will follow the Vernon Township Education Association (VTEA) contract, in particular, Article X – Evaluation and Dismissal, Non-Certified Staff; D – “Reduction in Force”, p. 34.

Any reduction in force among non-certified employees will be accomplished by district seniority within the employment categories listed in Article I. In any necessary reduction in force, part-time, non-certified staff person remains in the District’s employ. However, when the lease senior employee is a child specific educational aide and that employee’s services are necessary to the continued progress of the student to whom said employee is assigned, the employee directly above this employee in district seniority will be selected for reduction. Any employee’s seniority will be from his/her most recent date of hire. Unpaid leaves of absence will not break seniority, but no seniority will accrue during unpaid leaves. Part-time, non-certified employees accrue pro rata seniority for each year equal to their percentage of full-time employment.

N.J.S.A. 18A:6-10; 18A:17-4

Revised: May 2006