A. Lesson Plans

1. Each teaching staff member assigned specific instructional responsibilities shall, prepare regular lesson plans.

2. Each lesson plan must include the:

a. Name of the unit or area of learning;

b. Goals and objectives;

c. New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards;

d. Content outline;

e. Duration of the lesson;

f. Instructional methodology;

g. Evaluation procedures;

h. Progress Indicators;

i. Any seat work or activity center assignments;

j. Homework assignments; and k. Resource materials.

3. Lesson plans must be completed at least one week in advance.

4. Lesson plans will follow the format established at the building or departmental level, as appropriate. Lesson plans will ordinarily be prepared on a daily basis, but, if the format so dictates, may be prepared on a long-range unit basis.

5. Lesson plans must be prepared with clarity and in sufficient detail to permit a person unacquainted with the classroom to conduct the lesson efficiently and effectively.

B. Plan Books

1. A plan book will be kept by each teacher as a master plan for instruction in the classroom. In addition, the plan book will permit administrators to monitor classroom instruction and will give direction to substitutes.

2. Plan books will include:

a. Lesson plans,

b. A seating chart of pupils in the classroom,

c. Daily class schedules, and

d. The names of pupils receiving remedial instruction or removed from the classroom for specialized instruction during the school day.

3. Plan books will be submitted to the Principal or subject supervisor every week for review.

4. Plan books must be available for use by a substitute in an unforeseen situation. Plan books will not be removed from the classroom overnight.

5. Plan books will be turned in to the Principal’s office at the end of the school year.

C. Substitute Lesson Plans

Each teacher shall submit a substitute folder to the Principal or Assistant Principal that contains the following:

1. Special plans and hints for the substitute;

2. Helpful pupils for each selection;

3. Procedure for opening exercises;

4. Explanation sheet on taking daily attendance;

5. Special lessons to be used by the substitute when you are absent;

6. Procedure for dismissal of each class and dismissal at the end of the day;

7. Special subjects schedule-art, music, physical education, pupils leaving for instrumental lessons and remedial reading;

8. Fire drill forms;

9. Seating charts;

10. Room rules and regulations;

11. Names of pupils with special problems, such as physical disabilities.

Substitute folders should be reviewed and updated periodically. Special plans in the substitute folder will only be necessary should the teacher want a substitute not to follow their regular lesson plans. To help the substitute and to provide meaningful work for the children when they are absent, prepare a folder of subject related seatwork activities or ideas which a substitute can utilize if needed for each class assignment. Every attempt should be made to have the substitute follow the teachers’ plan books so that the children’s education will not be interrupted during the teacher’s absence, particularly if it is an extended absence.

Issued: 21 April 2005