A. A teaching staff member must maintain a standard of care for supervision, control,.and protection of pupils commensurate with the member’s assigned duties and responsibilities.

1. A class or activity must never be left unattended while pupils are in the room, except that a teacher may stand immediately outside the door of the room as pupils are entering.

2. A class or activity must never be left with an unqualified person in charge of pupils.

3. Younger pupils should be accompanied to assigned places of instruction and monitored until supervision is assumed by another qualified, responsible person.

4. Pupils shall not be allowed to inflict bodily harm on one another. Teaching staff members are responsible for preventing and stopping pupil fights and assaults, whatever the cause or intent; if necessary, responsible e assistance must be quickly summoned. Teaching staff members may restrain a pupil only with the reasonable amount of force necessary to:

a. Quell a disturbance,

b. Obtain possession of weapons or dangerous objects,

c. Offer self defense, or

d. Protect persons or property.

B. A teaching staff member should not voluntarily assume responsibility for duties he/she cannot reasonably perform. Such assumed responsibilities carry the same potential for liability as do assigned responsibilities.

C. A teaching staff member must provide proper instruction in safety wherever course guides so provide.

D. A teaching staff member must report immediately to the Building Principal any accident or safety hazard the member detects.

E. A teaching staff member must not send pupils on personal errands.

F. A teaching staff member must never transport pupils in a personal vehicle without the approval of the Building Principal. Any transportation of pupils by private vehicle is subject to Policy No. 8660.

G. A teaching staff member must not require a pupil to perform tasks that may be detrimental to the pupil’s health or well being.

1. Pupils may be permitted to use only items of equipment that have been provided by the Board.

2. Equipment shall not be used for purposes other than the instructional purposes for which the equipment was provided; equipment may never be operated in a hazardous manner.

3. Power tools and other inherently hazardous equipment may be used only by pupils to whom the tools or equipment have been assigned for instructional purposes and who have received instruction for their safe use.

4. Pupils will be permitted to work in a shop, kitchen, or laboratory only during the period scheduled for instruction and only in accordance with safety rules.

5. Classroom materials and equipment should be organized so as to minimize the danger of injury to pupils.

6. Teachers must exercise good judgment when assigning tasks to pupils to prevent bodily harm and damage to property.

7. Safety equipment provided for use in potentially hazardous situations must be properly and promptly utilized when necessary.

H. A teaching staff member must render prompt reports when so required by law and Board policy.

1. Instances of substance abuse will be reported in accordance with Policy No. 5530.

2. Instances of violence and/or vandalism will be reported in accordance with Policy No. 8461.

3. Accidents will be reported in accordance with Board Policy No. 8442.

4. Instances of suspected child abuse will be reported in accordance with Policy Nos. 8461 and 8462.

5. Missing children will be reported in accordance with Policy No. 8464.

Issued: 21 April 2005