The Board of Education directs the establishment and implementation of a program for the identification and reporting of children missing from the educational system.

Used in this policy, “parent” means the parent(s} or legal guardian(s} having legal custody and control of a minor child.

The Superintendent shall develop and implement procedures to identify children who have been withdrawn from this district without enrollment in another school or school district or pupils who have been willfully or neglectfully removed from school by protracted absences without good cause. Children so identified shall be reported promptly to the Vernon Township Police Department. The Board authorizes the release of the child’s name, age, gender, last known home address, and physical description and the parent(s} or legal guardian(s} name and work place, if known, to the Vernon Township Police Department. Reasonable attempts shall be made to determine the cause of a child’s unauthorized absence and to remediate the cause to the extent possible within the school setting. The Superintendent shall report immediately to the Board the results of the program for the identification of children missing from the educational program.

The Vernon Township Police Department, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:17B-9.8b, must notify the Superintendent of a missing child, who is currently or was most recently enrolled in the school district, of the disappearance and provide the Superintendent with information concerning the identity of the missing child. The Vernon Township Police Department shall also notify the Superintendent if the child is located.

If the Superintendent is notified of a missing child by the Vernon Township Police Department, the Superintendent shall mark the child’s school record. The mark will be a clearly, identifiable and removable marking so in the event a copy or information regarding the record is requested, the school district will be aware the record is that of a missing child. Once the Vernon Township Police Department notifies the Superintendent that the child has been located, the Superintendent, or designee, will remove the mark from the child’s school record. If a copy of a school record is requested that has been “marked” in accordance with this Policy, the Superintendent, or designee, will remove the marking from only the copy of the school record to be provided to the requestor in accordance with Board Policy No. 8330, and without alerting the requestor to the fact that the record has been “marked”. After supplying a copy of or information regarding the “marked” record, the Superintendent will immediately report the inquiry or any knowledge as to the whereabouts of the missing child to the Vernon Township Police Department.

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N.J.S.A. 52A:l7B-9.8b.

Adopted: 21 April 2005