A. Outside Employment

1. A full-time employee may engage in outside employment when such employment does not:

a. Constitute a conflict of interest;

b. Violate the provisions of the New Jersey School Ethics Act; or

c. Occur at a time when the employee has assigned district duties and responsibilities.

2. A full-time employee who engages in employment outside the school district shall report that employment to the Superintendent only if the outside employment may require any type of accommodation by the school district or if the outside employment would require the staff member to not perform or limit the staff member’s ability to perform all the responsibilities of their school district employment.

B. Private Enterprise, Business, or Business Organization

1. An employee shall not conduct activities on school district grounds that may advance a private enterprise, business, or business organization without the express permission of the Superintendent. Permission will not be given for solicitations or collections on behalf of a private enterprise, business, or business organization.

2. An employee shall not, on school grounds, solicit pupils for trips other than those expressly approved by the Board or Superintendent without permission of the Superintendent. School grounds shall not be used as the point of departure or arrival for any such privately arranged trip.

Issued: October 2014