The Board of Education believes that the orderly operation of the school district requires the retention of all records bearing upon an employee’s qualifications for employment and employment history.

The Board requires that sufficient records be compiled and maintained to demonstrate an employee’s qualifications for the position assigned; compliance with federal, state, and local benefit programs; conformity to district rules; the proper conduct of evaluations; and the employee’s entitlement, as appropriate, to tenure and seniority.

Only that information pertaining to the professional role of the employee and submitted by duly authorized school administrative personnel or the Board may be entered in an employee’s personnel file.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the custody and maintenance of personnel records. A single, central file of documents shall be maintained; temporary, subsidiary records will be permitted for ease in data gathering only. An employee’s personnel file shall be maintained for six years following his/her termination of district service, provided the employment history record card is maintained a minimum of eighty years.

Records maintained in the personnel files of this district are not public records and are not open to inspection except as provided for in this policy. Board minutes and other public records of this district and any computerized files maintained by this district may include only an employee’s name, title, position, assignments, salary, payroll record, length of service in the district and in military service, the date and reason for separation from service in this district, and the amount and type of pension a former employee receives.

Personnel records may be inspected by school administrators to the extent that such inspection is required in the performance of the inspector’s duties.

Board members may have access to confidential information in the personnel files of only those employees recommended for or subjected to an employment action requiring a vote of the Board or where access to the information is essential for the performance of the Board member’s duties. Board member access to personnel files is limited to the relevant portion of the file and is available only through the Superintendent. Board members may freely inspect employment applications filed by candidates for district positions.

An employee may inspect his/her personnel file provided that the employee requests such access in writing, reviews the record in the presence of the administrator designated to maintain the file, makes no alteration or addition to the file nor removes any material from it, and signs a log attached to the file indicating the date on which it was inspected.

An employee may appeal to the Superintendent the inclusion or exclusion of records or for appropriate administrative review of the accuracy of any record in his/her personnel file.

The Superintendent shall prepare rules enumerating the records to be maintained for each employee of this district, including, as a minimum and as appropriate to the position, the completed application form, employment contract(s), a copy of the employee’s qualifying certification, transcripts, report of an employment physical examination, oath of allegiance, criminal background check, income tax forms, retirement registration, hospitalization forms, annuity forms, rate of compensation, attendance record, assignments to positions, completed evaluations, reports of disciplinary incidents, records of special awards or distinctions, and reports of annual or special physical and mental examinations.

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N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.

Adopted: 21 April 2005