A. Content of Record

1. A personnel file shall be assembled and maintained for each person employed by the district. Each file shall contain the original or copies, as appropriate, of the following documents regarding the employee:

a. The employee’s current correct name, address, telephone number, and birthdate;

b. Application form, including transcripts of all academic work, records of prior military service, and other supporting documents;

c. Annual employment contract and/or annual salary notice, signed by the employee;

d. Certificates and/or licenses required for employment;

e. Documentation of fulfillment of requirements for any change in salary classification;

f. Income tax forms;

g. Retirement registration;

h. Hospitalization forms;

i. Annuity forms;

j. Rate of compensation;

k. Attendance record, including the starting and ending dates of all leaves of absence, whether the leave was paid or unpaid, and the purpose for which such leaves were granted;

l. Assignment to positions, including position title and building to which assigned;

m. Completed evaluations;

n. Reports of disciplinary incidents;

o. Records of special awards, commendations, or distinctions;

p. Oath of allegiance;

q. Reports of routine physical examinations; and

r. Reports of physical and mental examinations required for cause.

2. No information will be placed in an employees’ file that does not pertain to the employee’s position in this district and performance of the employee’s duties.

3. The content of personnel files will be reviewed annually and material no longer required will be destroyed.

B. Custodian of Personnel Records

1. The Superintendent is custodian of all personnel records.

2. Personnel records shall be maintained in the office of the Assistant Superintendent, who shall be records manager responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the files and for supervising access to the files.

C. Notice of Content of Files

1. Each employee shall be informed of the content of his/her personnel file.

2. Each employee will be notified of the inclusion in his/her file of any document that was not received from the employee or at the direction of the employee.

a. No evaluation from will be placed in a personnel file until it has been reviewed and signed by the employee.

b. No copy of a memorandum or letter sent by an administrator or other school official to an employee will be placed in the employee’s file unless the original and copy include the notation “cc: Personnel File” or other clear indication of the author’s intention to place the memorandum or letter in the employee’s file.

c. No report or letter or memorandum from any source, other than documents referred to in C2b above, may be placed in an employee’s file until a copy of the same has been delivered to the employee.

D. Employee Access to Personnel Records

1. Each employee shall be granted access to his/her personnel file in accordance with these regulations, except as may have been negotiated with the employee’s majority representative.

2. Written request for access shall be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Business/Board Secretary. Except in unusual circumstances, access shall be granted only during the regular working hours of the office in which the file is kept.

3. The employee shall review the record in the presence of the Assistant Superintendent for Business/Board Secretary and, at the employee’s request, a representative of the employee.

4. No alteration or addition or deletion may be made to the file, except that the employee may append to any document in the file his/her comment on that document.

5. The employee may hand copy any portion of his/her file and may receive photocopies of records on payment of the copying fees established for copies of public records.

E. Appeal of Content of the File

1. The employee may appeal to the Superintendent the exclusion or inclusion of any portion of his/her personnel file or the accuracy of any information in the file.

2. An appeal must be made in writing on a form available in the office of the Superintendent.

3. The Superintendent shall render a decision on the appeal as soon as possible, but not later than ten working days from the time the written appeal is submitted. The Superintendent’s decision shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the employee and the records manager responsible for the employee’s file.

4. Except as may be otherwise provided by contract negotiated with the employee’s majority representative, the appellant may appeal the Superintendent’s decision to the Board; a decision of the Board may be appealed to the Commissioner of Education.

F. Access by Board Members and School Officials

1. Personnel files may be inspected by school officials only as required in the discharge of their professional or statutory duties and to the extent required in the discharge of those duties.

2. Personnel files may be inspected by Board members when such inspection relates to the Superintendent’s recommendation of a candidate for employment, promotion, transfer, dismissal, or discipline.

3. Much of the information included in an employee’s file is confidential; access to the employee’s file for professional reasons necessarily imposes on the person reviewing the file the duty to respect the confidentiality of the record.

G. Computerized Records

1. Computerized personnel records may include only the following information about an employee:

a. Name, address, and telephone number;

b. Social security number;

c. Current assignment;

d. Work experience;

e. Employment date; and

f. Salary guide and step.

2. Computerized information may be used only for the following purposes:

a. Payroll;

b. An employee’s individual employment record; and

c. Studies, reports, or surveys conducted by the district or a governmental agency and authorized by the Superintendent, provided that such studies, reports, or surveys do not identify specific employees.

Issued: April 2005

Revised: February 2015