A. Prohibited Activities

The following political activities are prohibited on school district premises:

1. Posting of political circulars or petitions on bulletin boards that are not sponsored by the school and included as part of the school curriculum and/or program;

2. The distribution to employees, whether by placing in their school mailboxes or otherwise, of political circulars or petitions, except as delivered by the U.S. Postal Service;

3. Collection of and solicitation for campaign funds;

4. Solicitation for campaign workers;

5. Use of pupils for writing or addressing political materials or the distribution of such materials to or by pupils;

6. Display of any materials that promote the candidacy of any candidate for office by a person working on an election day in a district facility used on election day as a polling place; and

7. Any activity in the presence of students while on school property, which activity is intended and/or designed to promote, further or assert a position(s) on labor relations issues.

B. Permitted Activities

The conduct of employee elections and any campaigning connected with those elections is permitted on school premises.

C. Nothing in this Regulation shall be interpreted to impose a burden on the constitutionally protected speech or conduct of a staff member or pupil.

Issued 26 August 2003