The Board of Education recognizes and encourages the right of all citizens, including school employees, to engage in political activity. However, the Board prohibits the use of school premises and school time for partisan political purposes.

The Board establishes the following guidelines to govern all support staff members in their political activities:

1. An employee shall not engage in political activity on school premises unless permitted in accordance with Policy No. 7510. Use of School Facilities and/or applicable Federal and State laws;

2. An employee shall not post political circulars or petitions on school premises nor distribute such circulars or petitions to pupils nor solicit campaign funds or campaign workers on school premises;

3. An employee shall not display any material that would tend to promote any candidate for office on an election day in a school facility that is used as a polling place;

4. An employee shall not engage in any activity in the presence of pupils while on school property, which activity is intended and/or designed to promote, further or assert a position(s) on labor relations issues.

The provisions of this policy do not apply to the conduct of employee representative elections.

Nothing in this Policy shall be interpreted to impose a burden on the constitutionally protected speech or conduct of a staff member or pupil.

N.J.S.A. 18A:42-4

Green Township v. Rowe, Superior Court of New Jersey – Appellate Division A-2528-98T5

Adopted: 26 August 2003