The Board of Education is concerned for the safety of the pupils and staff members assigned to district schools and will take reasonable steps to protect pupils and staff members from hazards that may result from industrial accidents beyond the control of school officials.

The Board will appoint an employee to serve as Toxic Hazard Preparedness (THP) Officer. The THP Officer will, in accordance with procedures prepared by the Superintendent, identify potential sources of toxic hazard and develop a plan that includes preventive and remedial measures to be followed in the event pupils and staff members are exposed to a toxic hazard. The plan will also include a system for the periodic evaluation of school environments.

The THP Officer will enlist the aid of county and municipal authorities and, if possible, the owners or operators of identified potential sources of toxic hazard. The Board may, in its discretion, appoint and charge an ad hoc committee of community representatives to assist the THP Officer.

The plan for toxic hazard preparedness developed by the THP Officer· and approved by this Board will be disseminated to the public. Teaching staff members will be instructed in the specific measures to be taken when toxic hazard is present and in the recognition of toxic hazards in the environment. A teaching staff member who detects a toxic hazard in school shall immediately notify the school Principal and the school nurse or, in the absence of either, the person authorized to perform that office.

Nothing in this policy should be construed in any way as an assumption of liability by the Board of Education for any death, injury, or illness that is the consequence of an accident or equipment failure or negligent or deliberate act beyond the control of the Board or its officers and employees.

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Adopted: 21 April 2005