The Board of Education will establish and enforce rules for the assignment of specific duties to teaching staff members and for the conduct of teaching staff members during the work day.

The Board directs the Superintendent to require the preparation of lesson plans by each teacher that implement the goals and objectives of the educational program. Teachers shall also be responsible for providing adequate direction and guidance to substitutes. Lesson plans will be subject to periodic review by Principal.

The Superintendent shall apply uniformly throughout the district, except as may otherwise be provided in this policy, the following additional rules for teaching staff member conduct:

1. During the work day, teaching staff members may be assigned extra or alternative duties by the Principal in accordance with Board Policy No. 3134;

2. Teaching staff members are expected to attend every faculty meeting unless expressly excused by the Principal;

3. Teaching staff members may not leave the school grounds during mealtime without signing out and informing the office.

Teaching staff members who are assigned as department heads or who are assigned to work on curriculum revision during the regular school day will be given an appropriate reduction in teaching assignments.

Adopted: 21 April 2005