The Board of Education recognizes that certain conditions place children at risk of not acquiring the knowledge, skills s, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for school success, school completion, and successful functioning as an adult in society.

A “pupil at risk” means a pupil who is in danger of failure to achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the high school graduation requirements or dropping out of school because of specific cognitive, affective, economic, social, and/or health needs. The conditions that may place a pupil at risk include the pupil’s failure to acquire the essential skills needed to stay on grade level or the pupil’s performance below minimum levels of proficiency; history of adjustment or behavioral problems; placement on long-term suspension for violation of school rules; history of poor school attendance; being limited in English language proficiency; being disruptive or disaffected; pregnancy or parenthood; failure to qualify for promotion or graduation; condition of poverty as defined by his/her eligibility for free meals or free milk and/or exhibiting other characteristics identified by the Board.

Programs and services for pupils at risk shall meet the goals of:

1. Enhancing the health, self-esteem, and acquisition of the life skills necessary for age-appropriate development and productive functioning in the school setting and society;

2. Identifying and assisting pupils who are not meeting standards for behavior and achievement in areas such as attendance, conduct, and mastery of the curriculum, as well as performing below state minimum levels of proficiency; and

3. Improving the school climate so that pupils experience school as a safe, supportive, and disciplined place where academic and interpersonal growth and learning can take place.

Programs and services for pupils at risk may be offered during the regular school day, beyond the regular school day, or during the summer. Any such programs and services that do not require the services of a teaching staff member or cannot be reasonably accommodated in the school setting may be delivered by qualified persons who are not necessarily certified but are supervised by appropriately certified teaching staff members.

The Board shall provide staff training necessary to implement the programs and services for pupils at risk.

N.J.A.C. 6:8-1.1 et seq.

Adopted: 21 April 2005