The Board of Education will take no retaliatory action, by discharge, demotion, suspension, or any other adverse action, against an employee because that employee has conscientiously:

1. Disclosed or threatened to disclose to a supervisor or public body an activity, policy, or practice of this Board or any district officer that the employee reasonably believes to be in violation of law or rule;

2. Provided information to a public body conducting an investigation, hearing, or inquiry into any alleged violation of law by the Board or an officer of this district; or

3. Objected to or refused to participate in an activity, policy, or practice of this district that the employee reasonably believes to be in violation of law or rule, fraudulent, criminal, or incompatible with a clear mandate of public policy concerning the public health, safety, or welfare or protection of the environment.

An employee who has reason to believe that the Board has engaged in an illegal activity or an activity contrary to public policy must report that belief in writing to the Superintendent before notice is given to a supervisor or a public body. The Superintendent shall promptly report the same to the Board and institute an investigation of the reported activity. The· findings of the investigation will be reported in writing to the Board and to the employee.

The protection of law and this policy apply only to employees who have given notice in accordance with this policy and have afforded the Board a reasonable period of time to take any corrective action that may be required or have acted in circumstances that the employee believes in good faith constitute an emergency.

The Superintendent shall post notice of this policy and inform employees of their rights under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

N.J.S.A. 34:19-1

Adopted: 21 April 2005