The Board of Education recognizes the value to pupils and to the community of the demonstration of pupil talents and skills in performances of pupil organizations in public events. The Board endorses such performances when they contribute to the instructional program, do not interfere with scheduled school activities, and do not exploit or endanger participating pupils.

Public performances of pupil organizations must be approved in advance by the Principal. The members of a pupil organization invited to· perform shall be polled for their willingness to perform. No pupil may be compelled to participate in an elective public· performance or penalized for his/her failure to participate. Approval for a· public performance will not be granted unless the staff advisor determines that the number of pupils who agree to participate is sufficient to represent the school fairly.

When public performances are scheduled as a regular part of a course of study taken for credit, pupils shall be informed in advance of their obligation to participate; they will be excused from participation only in accordance with Board policy on pupil attendance.

No pupil, pupil organization, or employee of this Board shall receive compensation for the performance in public of pupils organized for a school activity.

N.J.S.A. 18A:42-2

Adopted: 21 April 2005