A. Approval of Fund Raising Activities

1. Requests for approval of fund raising activities must be submitted in writing to the school officer designated by Policy No. 5830 no later than five working days prior to the scheduled beginning of the activity.

2. The request must include the name of the requestor, the name of the organization that will receive the funds collected, the purpose of the collection, and the name of a responsible adult member of the collecting organization.

3. Approval will not ordinarily be granted for the collection of funds for essential supplies or equipment to be used in regularly scheduled curricular or co­ curricular activities. Such activities should be funded through regular district budgeting and purchasing procedures.

4. Approval will be granted only for fund raising that is carefully planned and dedicated to specific objectives.

5. Approval will not be granted for the collection of funds:

a. Without a specified purpose;

b. For the purpose of qualifying pupils for membership in an organization;

c. For the purpose of selling raffle tickets or conducting any activity that is based upon gain by chance;

B. Time and Place of Fund Raising

1. The Principal of each school will determine the times and places in which fund raising may take place, in accordance with these regulations.

2. Fund raising activities cannot interfere with the orderly operation of the instructional program. A class should not be interrupted for the sale of items.

3. No food, candy, soft drinks, or the like may be sold while classes are in session.

4. Fund raising activities should be coordinated to the greatest extent possible in order to control and limit the potential disruption to school operations.

C. Accounting for Funds

1. All funds collected by pupils must be promptly turned over to the adult responsible for the fund raising activity.

2. Funds collected for school organizations must be promptly deposited and reported to the custodian of the General Activities Fund. The report must include any New Jersey sales tax collected.

3. Neither the Board of Education nor any of its employees is responsible for the protection of or the accounting for funds collected by pupils for organizations not affiliated with the school district.

D. Infractions

A pupil who collects money for an organization without having first secured approval in accordance with Policy No. 5830 or who misrepresents a fund raising activity in order to gain approval or who collects money for his/her own benefit must be reported to the Principal and will be subject to discipline in accordance with Policy No. 5600.

Issued: 21 April 2005