The Board of Education recognizes school building security measures are important for the safety and welfare of all pupils, staff, parents and community members in school buildings. In recognizing this important responsibility, the Board requires all pupils in Grades 7-12 to carry school district issued identification cards at all times while in school. A pupil must present the card to any school staff member upon request. Pupils who fail to have the card in their possession or to produce it when asked to do so may be disciplined.

The school district issued Identification Card will be issued to all pupils in Grades 7-12 and may be presented for:

1. Identification for library media services to include library book, periodical and other resource check-out;

2. Entrance for Scholastic Aptitude Tests, State Standardized Tests and other testing programs administered on school district property;

3. Other purposes and activities as determined by the Building Principal.

Pupils will be issued one card(s) every year. A replacement fee will be charged, at the cost equal to the reproduction cost, for all lost identification cards.