A. Use of automobiles

The use of automobiles for travel to and from school by pupils in grade 12 is permitted in accordance with Policy No. 5514 and the following rules:

1. Automobiles must be registered and inspected by the State of New Jersey and properly insured.

2. Automobiles must be registered in the office of the Principal in accordance with C.

3. No pupil may operate or park an automobile on school premises during the school day without a sticker issued and affixed in accordance with C5.

4. A pupil who drives an automobile to and from school may transport only other members of his or her family, except with the express permission of the Principal.

5. Automobiles must be parked in the parking area provided at the school building; pupils’ automobiles must not be parked or left standing in fire zones or in areas designated for staff and visitor parking.

6. Permission for the use of an automobile is granted only for travel to and from school. The use of the automobile by pupils participating in field trips, sports events, performances, and out-of-school instructional assignments is permitted only with the express permission of the Principal.

7. Once parked, an automobile may be visited during the school day only with the permission of the Principal.

8. Driving on school grounds must not exceed ten miles per hour. Automobiles must be driven with caution at all times.

9. Any accident involving an automobile registered with the Principal, occurring anywhere, must be promptly reported to the school office.

B. Permission to operate an automobile

1. The parent of the pupil or adult pupil seeking permission to drive an automobile to and from school must submit written application for permission to the Principal. The application will include

a. The pupil’s name and driver’s license number,

b. The reason for the necessity of driving to school,

c. The make, model, year, color, and registration number of the automobile,

d. The name of the insurance carrier and the insurance number, and

e. Evidence that the pupil has successfully completed a driver-training course.

2. The pupil intending to operate the automobile will review and sign a copy of the rules governing the use of automobiles for travel to and from school.

3. The Principal will make an independent determination, through the Department of Motor Vehicles (1-800-DMV-3333), that the pupil’s driver’s license has not beep. suspended.

4. The Principal will personally inspect the pupil’s driver’s license, the automobile registration card, and the automobile insurance certificate. Copies of these documents will be made and kept in the pupil’s file along with the application form.

5. When an application has been approved, the Principal will issue the pupil a sticker to be affixed to the automobile on the driver’s side rear window.

6. All vehicles must be parked head in to the curb.

7. If a student with driving privileges drives a vehicle other than the vehicle which displays his/her decal, the student must report the make, model and license number of the vehicle that she/he has driven to the Vice Principal’s office.

C. Revocation of permission

1. The permission to use a bicycle or automobile for travel to and from school is a privilege summarily revocable by school officials when the permitted

a. Violates the rules set forth in this regulation or an express order of the Principal;

b. Has been expelled from school or suspended for a period exceeding two days;

c. Has been convicted of a moving vehicle traffic offense;

d. Has engaged in any unsafe or careless driving practices;

e. Has committed an act of vandalism or theft; or f. Has received a failing grade in any subjects in one marking period.

2. Driving privileges may be reinstated by the Principal after the suspension or revocation, on the parent or adult pupil’s reapplication and on the Principal’s finding that the pupil has maintained a satisfactory record of school citizenship.

D. Parking Rules

1. All students will park between the lines in the student parking lot only. Students will not be allowed parking privileges in the faculty lot, or anywhere on the upper level. Students who violate this policy will have their privilege revoked indefinitely and be issued a summons by the Vernon Township Police Department.

2. Parking decals will be clearly displayed on the rear side window of the driver’s side.

3. Parking on school grounds without permission or parking in unauthorized areas is subject to a municipal summons.

4. No students are allowed in the parking lot except when arriving to or departing from school. Students found going to their cars without permission during the school day may have their parking privilege revoked and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

5. The driveway in front of the building is closed to through traffic during school hours.

6. Only one decal will be issued to each student who receives a parking permit. If you should change cars during the year, a new decal will be issued at a cost of $3.00, provided you return the old decal.

7. Student vehicles may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband might be present in that vehicle.

8. If your child must leave school before 12:28 p.m., she/he should not drive to school. The parking lot will be closed from 7:48 a.m. until 12:28 p.m. every day and will not be opened for any reason.

9. A student who needs to go to the parking areas before the end of the school day must first get permission from the office. ·

10. Keep your vehicle locked at all times. Vernon Township High School is not responsible for the loss of personal property.

11. The speed limit on high school property is 10 mph Speeding or careless driving will result in the loss of driving privileges.

12. Students who violate a temporary suspension o·f their driving privilege will have their privileges permanently terminated.

13. Students who do not abide by these regulations will face loss of parking privileges and/or towing expense.

14. Students who are late (unexcused) more than three times will relinquish their sticker and forfeit their driving privileges.·

Issued: 21 April 2005