The New Jersey Department of the Treasury – Records Management Services places all public records on Records Retention Schedules that list the minimum legal and fiscal time periods public records must be retained by State and local governmental and educational agencies.  Records Management Services determines these retention periods in conformance with State and Federal codes, regulations, and statutes of limitation.  Final approval of the schedules comes from the State Records Committee, which is comprised of representatives of the Attorney General, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Director of Local Government Services, and the director of the division.


Part and parcel to a good records management program is the timely destruction of records once their retention period has expired.  This pertains to the destruction of paper records as well as those that are microfilmed, have been imaged, or are electronic.  Unique records disposal request (such as the disposal of fire damaged records which have not yet outlived their retention period) require specific authorization from the State Records Committee.


As per the Destruction of Public Records Act of 1953 (P.L. 1953, c. 410), the Board of Education must receive prior written authorization from Records Management Services to dispose of their public records regardless of the medium in which the information is maintained.  Authorization to dispose public records shall be submitted electronically by the school district custodian of such records to Records Management Services.  Records must be retained in accordance with the Records Retention Schedules and shall not be disposed until approval for such disposal is obtained from Records Management Services.


Adopted:  May 2017