The Board of Education encourages the participation of teaching staff members in research projects that are soundly designed and professionally conducted..

Teaching staff members may seek funding from local, state, and federal sources, public and private, for locally conducted research projects. Any research project involving pupils must be approved by the Board; all other research projects involving district personnel, facilities, and/or resources may be approved by the Superintendent.

An application for approval of a proposed research project must set forth the purpose of the project; a detailed description of the project; the degree to which, if any, the project will interrupt or displace the regular instructional program; a projection of the number of pupils, if any, and staff members who will be involved, the period of time that will be devoted to the project, and the project costs; the source of funding; any background information necessary to an understanding of the project; the means by which the project will be evaluated; and an assessment of the contribution the project will make to the educational program of this district.

A written report must be made to the Superintendent when a research project is terminated, either completed or incomplete. The Superintendent may also require progress reports during the course of any research project and may notify appropriate administrators of the conduct of any research project.

Adopted: 21 April 2005