A. Application

These regulations apply to all playgrounds and outdoor recreational areas under the maintenance, control, and management of the Board of Education, whether or not the premises are wholly owned by the Board with the exception of athletics fields prepared and reserved for the use of school teams, such as the high school football field.

B. General Rules

1. District playgrounds will be open for recreational use between school days.

2. No games or athletics or playing may take place within fifty feet of a school building or on the lawns in front of any school building.

3. Persons shall not congregate or loiter in or near a school building, or on school facility steps.

4. The use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol and/or a controlled dangerous substance are absolutely prohibited. The presence of a person under the influence of alcohol or a controlled dangerous substance is absolutely prohibited.

5. Playgrounds cannot be used for activities that are:

a. Potentially dangerous to persons,

b. Potentially harmful or destructive to school property and buildings, or

c. Unduly noisy or otherwise offensive to residents in the school neighborhood.

6. The use of any of the following is specifically barred from school playgrounds:

a. Fuel or battery-powered objects such as rockets and motorized model airplanes, and

b. Vehicles such as mini-bikes, mopeds, and all­ terrain vehicles.

7. Vehicles are permitted on school grounds only in parking areas and driveways specifically designated for vehicular traffic.

8. Vehicles cannot be left overnight on school grounds without the express permission of the Building Principal.

9. Persons who use playgrounds are responsible for removing any trash or litter they bring to or create on the premises.

10. Dogs, on or off leash, and horses are barred from the playgrounds.

11. Where fences have been installed to control traffic or bar access, they cannot be climbed or vaulted.

12. Gambling is prohibited on school premises.

C. Use by Organized Groups

The use of school playgrounds by organized groups is subject to Policy and Regulation No. 7510.

Issued: 21 April 2005