The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to provide a thorough and efficient program of free public education and appropriate facilities to house that program.  The Board further recognizes that declining enrollments, diminished resources, district reorganization, and/or other good cause may require the use of one or more district facilities for educational purposes be abandoned.


To receive approval for the closing of a school the Board shall provide the Division of Administration and Finance (Division) and the Executive County Superintendent with the following assurances:


  1. The proposed closing is consistent with the district’s approved LRFP because:


  1. The school district has demonstrated that sufficient school building capacity exists to house students for he five years following the closing; or


  1. The school district has demonstrated through a feasibility study that the benefits of undertaking new construction outweigh those of rehabilitating the school proposed for closure.


  1. The use of temporary facilities in the remaining schools does not result or increase from an overall facilities shortage caused by the school closing; and


  1. The re-assignment of students to other schools in the district does not produce, sustain nor contribute to unlawful segregation, separation, or isolation of student populations on the basis of race or national origin.


A request for approval from the Division for the school closing shall include the recommendation of the Executive County Superintendent.  A letter of approval from the Division based on the information in N.J.A.C. 6A:26-7.5(a) and as listed above shall be required before the school’s closing.


The Division shall notify the school district in writing of its determination with respect to the requested school closing, with a copy provided to the Executive County Superintendent.


N.J.S.A. 18A:20-36; 18A:33-1

N.J.A.C. 6A:26-7.5



Revised:  November 2017