The following procedures will govern the unscheduled closing of school for the entire school day, the delayed opening of school, and the early closing of school. No single set of rules can anticipate the problems that may be encountered when schools must be closed, and Building Principals may be required to exercise independent judgment in individual circumstances. Any consequent deviation from these rules should be reported promptly to the Superintendent.

A. Notification Provisions

1. Notice to television and radio stations shall be by telephone call, with appropriate code, to the following stations:

Television – TV Channel 12

Radio Station – WSUS

2. Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified at the beginning of each school year that they will be notified of an emergency school closing day via the Emergency Broadcast system.

B. All Day Closing

1. The decision to close schools for the day will be made in accordance with Policy No. 8220. As soon as the decision is made, the Superintendent or designee will promptly notify all students and staff via the Emergency Broadcast system.

C. Delayed Opening

1. When circumstances are such as to require the late opening of school, the school day will ordinarily be delayed by two hours. All beginning schedules will be in effect, modified only by the two hour delay.

2. The decision to delay the opening of school will be made as soon as practicable. Notice of the delayed opening will be given in accordance with, B.

4. If weather conditions deteriorate after a delayed opening has been announced, the Superintendent may decide to close schools for the day. This decision will be made as soon as practicable. Notice of the closing of schools for the day will be given in accordance with, B.

5. The Principal of each school will modify the school’s schedule to accommodate the shorter day. Morning schedules may be canceled. After-school and athletic events may be canceled.

6. Lunch will be served as usual, but may be delayed.

D. Early Dismissal

1. A decision to close school early will be promptly related to all parents and staff via the Emergency Broadcast system.

2. Building Principals in the affected schools will promptly notify all staff members of the early closing, using the appropriate building procedures.

3. Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified by the Emergency.

4. Buses may be loaded as soon as they arrive at the school and may depart as soon as all pupils assigned to the bus have boarded.

5. A parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may come to the school and sign out his/her child at any time after the decision to close early has been made. Any removal of a child must be in strict accordance with Policy No. 5230 regarding the person(s) to whom a child may be released.

6. The Principal will designate a safe and secure location in the school building to which may be assigned pupils whose parent or temporary caretaker could not be reached by telephone or other means.

a. A teaching staff member will be assigned to supervise the pupils who remain in the school.

b. Pupils who have remained in the school will be released at the time school regularly closes, by whatever means of transportation they would have taken were the school not closed early.

c. The Principal may arrange for a late bus or transportation by private vehicle for pupils retained at the school.

Issued: April 2005

Revised: February 2015