The Board of Education recognizes the T&E mandate for a school level planning process involves parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and staff members in identifying school needs, establishing performance objectives, and monitoring progress toward those objectives.

School Report Card

The school district shall annually disseminate a report card for each school in the district which shall contain statistical information specified by the New Jersey Department of Education to all staff and parents. The school district shall also make the report card available to the media. The procedure the district will follow to disseminate the report card shall be in accordance with the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education.

School Level Plan

By September 30, each school in the district shall develop and implement a two-year plan based on school report card data. This plan shall include pupil performance objectives, a review of progress by teaching and administrative staff, and the involvement of parents.

At least once per semester, each school shall conduct meetings by grade level, department, team, or similarly appropriate group to review the school-level plan. The review shall include: school report card data; progress toward achieving pupil performance objectives; and progress toward achieving Core Curriculum Content Standards. The results of each such meeting shall be considered by the school planning team in the development of the succeeding school-level plan.

Pupil Performance Objectives

Each school in the district shall develop two or more objectives based on pupil performance or behavior standards, as defined in N.J.A.C. 6A:8-4.4(a), 6A:32-13.1 and 13.2. The objectives shall cover a period of not more than two years.

If pupil performance is below minimum State standards, the objectives to meet those standards shall be established. Benchmarks shall be set to measure the school’s progress toward the achievement of State minimum standards.

If pupil performance is at or above minimum State standards, challenge objectives shall be established.

The Superintendent shall, no later than August 1 each year, submit each school’s objectives to the, Executive County Superintendent for review and approval.

Each school shall achieve its pupil performance objectives by meeting established benchmarks for minimum State standards and/or achieving challenge objectives or demonstrating progress toward meeting such objectives.

Each school that does not meet established benchmarks for pupil performance objectives or demonstrate progress toward meeting challenge objectives for two or more successive years shall be assigned a technical assistance team by the Executive County Superintendent to facilitate accomplishment of these objectives.

N.J.A.C. 6:8-2.4

Adopted: 21 April 2005

Revised: September 2012